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The winners of the latest 100 Club Draw are listed below:-

1st Prize        Debbie Howard           69
2nd Prize      Joe Keating                 46
3rd Prize       Val Collins                    5

Drawn by Christine Jackson
Witnessed by Val Collin (Trustee)

If you would like to enter the 100 Club the cost is £12.00 per year, pro-rota, that's just £1.00 per month.  Call in to the library to register and be entered into our next draw which will take place at the 1st Saturday of the Month Coff...

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By: leicesterforesteastcommlibrary | May 02, 2018

1st Saturday of the Month Coffee Morning 

10am to 1pm

We will be holding our usual 1st Saturday of the Month Coffee Morning on 5th May and we would like to invite you to join us.

There will be plenty of homemade cakes to purchase along with a hot or cold beverage.

The next winners of our 100 Club will be drawn late in the morning.  So pop along to see if you have won, or if you have not yet entered there are still numbers available at a cost of £12.00 per year, that's just £1.00 per month.  

If you call in early you could pay for your number at a cost of £8.00 which will be entered in the next 8 draws.  You may also be a lucky winner.

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By: leicesterforesteastcommlibrary | April 27, 2018

On Tuesday 24th April the Trustees of the Library, and representatives of the Leicestershire County Council, Community Managed Libraries Support Officers held their Annual Review.

We had a very positive feedback from them and they advised us that we are managing the library very well. They suggested various ideas for us to implement but had no concerns about the future of the library.

The Trustees would like to thank all our Volunteers and the Community for the support that we have received over the last two years and look forward to being a popular Community Hub for many more years to come.  

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By: leicesterforesteastcommlibrary | April 10, 2018

We are pleased to announce the Winners of the 100 Club winners of the April Draw which took place at our 1st Saturday of the Month Coffee Morning on Saturday 7th April.

1st Prize    Lynn Ashton

2nd Prize    Joe Keating

3rd Prize    John Morris

Drawn by Barbara Barnes

Witnessed by Teresa Robinson

Congratulations to you all

If you wish to sign up for the 100 Club please talk to a volunteer on your next visit to the library.   The cost is just £1.00 per month and if you join now the cost is £8.00 which will take you up to the end of December 2018.

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By: leicesterforesteastcommlibrary | April 03, 2018

AGM - 17th March 2018

On Saturday 17th March 2018 we held an ExtraOrdinary Coffee Morning, Public Meeting and AGM which was an open meeting for our local community.

A report was made available for those attending to read and to pose any questions to our Trustees.  

You can take a look at the report in the library, here under the dropdown box, 'About Us' or email a request for an online version.

Thank you for all your support in keeping the Library open.

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