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Eileen Booker (Treasurer)



I am a retired teacher.  For 10 years`I was a  head teacher of a large primary school with a nursery, in Suffolk.  There I helped to setup, update, and organise our school library.    My own love of books and indeed libraries began at an early age when my parents took me to the local library and I joined as a junior member.  My father always said if you could read you could find out about anything in a book.  I still believe this today although I, like everyone else, uses the internet too.


When Leicestershire County Council stated that they wanted the local community to consider running their own library, or it would close, I offered to be part of the volunteer group running our Leicester Forest East Library.  I am now a trustee and treasurer of our charity.  I have met lots of interesting people and made new friends along the way. Do come and join us and make our library really part of the community.

Georgina Robson (Trustee)


My Mother always told me that as a child I’d have my head in a book  on Christmas day and  wouldn’t put it down until I’d finished reading it from cover to cover! An aunt always gave us a novel in addition to a religious book for Christmas.

Books were precious commodities in those days and libraries few and far between.

My favourite stories as a child, were, the Beatrix Potter series, ‘Wind in the Willows’, ‘Heidi’,  ‘Robinson Crusoe’,’ The Borrowers’, ‘Little Women’ and ‘What Katy Did’ and what ‘Katy Did Next’.

I then moved on to the Classics, Thomas Hardy’s, ‘Mayor of Casterbridge’ and Far From the Madding Crowd’,  in addition to the Bronte Sister’s, ‘Jane Eyre’and ‘Wuthering Heights’ ,  amongst others, later on ‘The Hobbit’, and ‘Lord of the Rings’.

To this day I block out all else when I’m engrossed in a book, my love of books being fostered as a child.

I come from a family of teachers, my grandmother, father and brothers and sisters all following the same pathway, as has have I and my daughter.  She currently teaches nursery children in London, using stories and books as her inspiration for themes and creative ideas.

My Husband is an avid reader too, working through different authors at a rate of knots, David Baldacci, James Patterson, Peter James, Alexander McCall –Smith, being some of his favourites.

So you see, we just couldn’t stand by and watch our LFE Community Library close its doors to members of the public, as books and libraries played such a significant part in our own lives.

I just can’t imagine a World without books!!

We are passionate as trustees to keep our library open and to create a friendly welcoming environment in which all age groups can enjoy using the facilities it has to offer the community of Leicester Forest East.

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